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Last updated: April 01, 2024


1. Purpose:

This policy aims to clarify ownership and licensing rights for digital content provided by OJE Studios LTD, encompassing film production, photography, and music production services.

2. Applicability:

This policy applies exclusively to digital content distributed by OJE Studios LTD and is applicable only within the United Kingdom.

3. Ownership and Licensing:

  • Free Content: Any digital content provided by OJE Studios LTD free of charge remains the exclusive property of OJE Studios LTD. Customers must agree to separate contractual terms for the use of free content.

  • Paid Content: Customers who purchase digital content from OJE Studios LTD acquire full commercial rights to the content. However, they are prohibited from using the content to slander OJE Studios LTD.

4. Collaborative Projects:

In collaborative projects involving multiple contributors, OJE Studios LTD will only copyright the work they directly produce unless specifically paid for the rights to other contributions.

5. Free Offerings:

Free filming or photography services provided by OJE Studios LTD are subject to separate contractual agreements, and OJE Studios LTD retains the copyright for the resulting content.

6. Usage Restrictions:

Customers are not permitted to use any content obtained from OJE Studios LTD for slanderous purposes. Otherwise, no specific usage restrictions apply.

7. Attribution:

While not mandatory, OJE Studios LTD appreciates attribution for its content.

8. Enforcement:

In cases of misuse or infringement, OJE Studios LTD reserves the right to request the removal or takedown of the content. If necessary, legal action may be pursued in UK courts.

9. Amendments:

OJE Studios LTD reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary, with any changes becoming effective immediately upon publication on the company's website.

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